onsdag 20 oktober 2010

[what a lovely holiday]

{ after almost 6 hrs in the air we landed in a nice & warm teneriffe. nilsen then asked: "shouldn't we fly another plane now?" so used to the long flights we normally do ... }

{ we were picked up at the airport in a very stylish way -  a stretch car ! the guys loved it! }

{ we checked in to the hotel Abama in Guia de Isora. very exotic & perfect in every way.
you wake up to this lovely view from your balcony - you wake up with a big smile }

{ you have this lovely breakfast - every morning - at a big terrace filled with sunshine and palmtrees.
and yes, champagne for breakfast. life's good! }

{ then you go to the lovely pool that kind of is like a beach and the kids just love it. 
you swim, play and loves the sun ... }

{ ... then you go down to the private beach - you go either by buggie or by a lift. the beach is very, very beautiful and also very peaceful. my favourite spot of this place. }

{ the lift down to the beach.
bosse wanted to go to the beach all the time since he wanted to go with the buggie and then the lift.
the lift-guy knew us very well. haha ... 
also we had lunch most of the days by the beach. }

{ i.love.the.beach }

{ sunkissed feet or maybe just very relaxed feet }

{ we ate a.lot.of icecream - cause you do that on a holiday - that's just how it is! yes! }

{ of course you H.A.V.E to have your own buggie to drive around all day long.
and of course you 'forget' stuff all the time so you just HAVE to go and get them ... with the buggie. }

{ and you have to practice your golfswing . almost to perfection I would say.
and what do you say when your son almost hit harder than you do (age 4)?  
tiger woods - watch out! }

{ and in the evenings you have deliscious dinners outside.
starting with a glas of champagne.
then eating seafood paellas.
very nice.}

... and the next day it starts all over again.

and you know it is because:
{ you go barefoot all day }

{ you have your favourite hat on all day }

{ you play in the sand all day }

{ and you spend all day with your (crazy, but) lovely MAKE. }

4 kommentarer:

  1. Kommer ett inlägg på svenska oxå, så jag förstår? ;-) Ses snart! kram

  2. Ankan: Du är ju för K.U.L! Vad är det du inte förstår hjärtat, så ska jag översätta åt dig ... Haha, skrev det på engelska för att mina vänner som vi träffade på just Abama för 3 år sedan ska kunna läsa det. Tänkte kanske inte på dig just då ... Vill du kanske ännu hellre ha det på skaunska? PUSS!

  3. Åh vad härligt det ser ut!! Och väldigt långt bort nu när hösten/(vintern?)kommit på allvar...burr...Men jag räknar ner dagarna, om tre veckor är det vår tur :-) KRAM E-lein

  4. Nice pictures! You must have a great holiday at Abama Hotel. Awesome.